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Trademark Company
AhYes® BioGrowing Co. Ltd.
Aikangyipin Guangzhou Debaotang Medicine Science And Technology Co. Ltd.
AimSlim Orgenetics Inc.
Aisle7 Healthnotes Inc.
Aiya Aiya America
AjiPure Ajinomoto North America Inc.
AjiPure IBCAA's Ajinomoto North America Inc.
AK&MN BioFarm Icosapentate AK & MN BioFarm Co. Ltd.
Aker BioMarine(tm) Antarctic US Aker BioMarine Antarctic US
Alanzeebium Orgenetics Inc.
AlaskOmega(r) AlaskOmega
Albion Balchem Human Nutrition and Pharma
Albion® Balchem: Albion, VitaCholine, SensoryEffects
Alcolec American Lecithin Co.
Aldo(tm) Lonza Inc.
Aldosperse(tm) Lonza Inc.
Alfa Laval Valutech Inc.
Alfabin Cepham Inc.
AlfaPro Nutegrity
AlfaPure Ingredients By Nature
AlgaeCal(r) AlgaeCal Inc.
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