Algatechnologies Ltd. is an innovative biotechnology company specializing in the development and commercial cultivation of microalgae for human health benefits. Algatechnologies is a global leader in the production of AstaPure® – natural astaxanthin sourced from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis.

Founded in 1998, Algatechnologies is located in Israel's Arava desert, an optimal location for algae cultivation thanks to stable climate conditions and intense sunlight year-round in an eco-friendly environment.

Algatechnologies markets its products worldwide as an active ingredient in nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals, foods and beverages.

Sustainable production process

Algatechnologies' proprietary cultivation process employs a closed photobioreactor system, ensuring a fully controlled process, a high active-ingredient content, an extremely pure product and consistently reliable quality. The use of supercritical CO2 extraction technology guarantees solvent-free products.

Algatechnologies – a trusted source

The company has been developing and manufacturing active ingredients from microalgae for nearly two decades, remaining at the forefront of the industry by investing in state-of-the-art technologies.

All manufacturing processes are highly controlled, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality assurance standards. In addition, the company’s use of solar energy and advanced water recycling technologies enables environmentally friendly production.

Algatechnologies holds international GMP, ISO and HACCP accreditations and its products are kosher and halal certified.

Algatechnologies is a member of NAXA, the Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association.

Algatech is represented in the US by Barrington Nutritionals, dedicated to providing high quality, science based ingredients to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, functional food and pet food industries through efficient, ethical customer service and superior product expertise.

For more information on AstaPure for the US market, pls contact Barrington team at email

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