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Looking for Omega 3s?  Look no further than PurFlax™ from The Flaxseed Experts™ at Pizzey Ingredients.

PurFlax™ should be your first choice for Omega 3s because flaxseed is backed by decades of research demonstrating its health benefits.  Flaxseed contains the most ALA Omega 3 of any whole-food source as well as protein, soluble and insoluble fiber and lignans.  These components work together to support heart health, maintain healthy blood pressure, support men’s and women’s health, and aid normal weight management.  All of these benefits are available in a product that is more cost-effective than any other Omega 3 source.  In addition to these inherent benefits of flaxseed, PurFlax™ is supported by the Pizzeys’ unmatched experience with processing flaxseed and researching its benefits.
The PurFlax™ method of processing flaxseed provides a consistent microbial reduction while also maintaining the stability of the natural lipids and other nutritional and functional components in flaxseed. This approach allows Pizzey Ingredients to provide a reliable supply of high-quality, 5-log microbial reduced flaxseed products with a guaranteed shelf life of at least two years.  

The PurFlax™ line includes BevPur™ (30 mesh), which is typically used in beverages, supplements and similar applications.  BevPur™ also has excellent functional properties, and may be used to replace some or all of the guar gum or CMC in your formulation.  Likewise, BlendPur™ (20 and 30 mesh), can be used as a clean label replacement for hydrocolloids and shortening in baked goods.   BlendPur™ can also be used to replace eggs.  BakePur™ (14 mesh) is ideal for adding flaxseed’s nutritional benefits to baked goods.   All of Pizzey Ingredients’ PurFlax™ products are available in both golden and brown varieties, and are non-GMO, pesticide-free and gluten-free. 

To learn more about PurFlax™, visit Pizzey Ingredients at booth 4176 at Supply Side West, or visit our website, www.pizzeyingredients.com

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