Cargill utilizes consumer insight, regulatory and scientific expertise to develop products that help customers capitalize on the growing demand for healthier, great tasting foods, beverages and dietary supplements.  We provide solutions relevant to some of today’s most pressing health concerns.  Some of Cargill’s health-promoting ingredients and specialty sweeteners include:

CoroWise ® plant sterols are an ingredient in many foods, beverages, and supplements.  Plant sterols have been clinically shown to lower cholesterol and are backed by an FDA health claim. 

Oliggo-Fiber® chicory root inulin, known as the “invisible fiber”, can be incorporated into products without affecting taste or texture.  Inulin is a prebiotic ingredient that supports digestive health and enhances dietary calcium absorption.

Regenasure® glucosamine is the only vegetarian glucosamine produced in North America. Cargill has been a leader in glucosamine research and continually pursues cutting-edge research to support glucosamine, providing valuable support for customers.

Treha® trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide (carbohydrate) that can be found in mushrooms, desert plants and yeast.   Trehalose is a functional ingredient that can positively impact the freshness, flavor and texture of your product.  Its unique chemical structure remains stable under a wide range of conditions, including high heat, low pH, freeze/thaw cycles, and prolonged storage.  

ViaTech® stevia-based sweeteners help food and beverage manufacturers achieve optimal sweetness and significant sugar reduction in even the most challenging reduced and zero calorie formulations.  Cargill’s proprietary taste-prediction model can precisely predict which combination of steviol glycosides delivers optimal taste and sweetness.  

Zerose® erythritol is a natural, 0-calorie bulk sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar, with high digestive tolerance.  It is ideal for food and beverage applications promoting sugar reduction and weight management, and masks the aftertaste of intense sweeteners. It is also non-cariogenic, and has been clinically shown to offer Better Tooth Protection™ than other polyols. 

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