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Daiwa Health Development – Company Profile

Daiwa Health Development, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The parent company based in Tokyo, Japan, has become a leading research and manufacturing company. Striving to create new value in the field of bioscience, Daiwa focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of neutraceuticals, functional foods and cosmetics. Founded in 1990, Daiwa Pharmaceutical provides products and distribution to 27 countries.

A core neutraceutical from Daiwa is Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) formerly known as Biobran MGN-3, RBAC is a unique immune modulator, derived from rice bran. Biobran MGN-3 has become the gold standard immune product, worldwide, for people with seriously compromised immune systems, as well as those who are healthy but interested in maintaining immune health. .RBAC is sold in the US under the brand names of PeakImmune4 and BRM4. It is a dietary supplement for strengthening the immune response.

Daiwa specializes in identifying and developing science-based, innovative unique natural ingredients and compounds specifically formulated to promote optimal health and healing. Daiwa exclusively provides the following raw material ingredients:

Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC):

An immune enhancer, derived from rice bran modified with shiitake mushroom enzyme, shown to enhance the activity of the Natural Killer (NK) cells and to increase the count of all other white blood cells. Visit www.ipraxic.org or contact Daiwa Health Development, info@DHDUSA.net  for scientific research studies and other literature

Bacillopeotidase F Proprietary Blend (BFPB):

A natural blood coagulation Modulator derived from an isolated enzyme from Natto, sold under the brand name Plasmanex1.

Kefiran RTS™:

A non-dairy, room temperature stable Kefiran (key component of Kefir)


A fermented Product of Sake Lees, rich in Amino Acids

Rice Resistant Protein (RRP):

Derived from Sake Lees, shown to promote heart health

Buckwheat Extract:

Powerful antioxidant, shown to promote heart health and to maintain healthy blood pressure levels

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