Vitajoy USA Inc.


Vitajoy has been supplying raw ingredients and strategic solutions to the nutrition, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and feed industries for over ten years. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a philosophy of honest and responsible operation, Vitajoy has all the resources and experience necessary to ensure your next project is a complete success. Whether your product is tailored to the sports performance & endurance enthusiast or whether your expertise is in the latest cosmetic technology, let Vitajoy guide you on the path to success.

One integral component to Vitajoy’s success has been its global reach and footprint; while continuing to maintain and foster a local presence in both active as well as growing market regions and sectors, domestically and world-wide. Vitajoy USA is supported by its headquarters and branch office organization, as well as an expansive global partner network. This has enabled Vitajoy to provide rapid, flexible service, while engaging the benefits of a strategically positioned sourcing and purchasing network that is truly world-class.

Providing raw materials at the highest quality and most competitive prices is only part of the offerings Vitajoy makes available to its clients. Vitajoy also specializes in providing finished products and formulas that are RTB/RTP (Ready to Bottle / Ready to Package), such as tablets, capsules, soft-gels, powder mixes, whole and raw herbs…and more! Combining these amazing product resources alongside customer facing capabilities in R&D, new molecule development, and project support while further adding engaged customer service, no-hassle returns, and flexible payment terms that fit the needs of customers large and small…the choice is simple, the choice is Vitajoy!

Contact us today to see why many of the top nutritional and performance supplement operations world-wide have chosen to “Vitajoy!” their business by choosing to make Vitajoy their preferred partner for raw materials, finished goods, and more!

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