BGG is a global leader in the development and purification of high quality active natural plant ingredients for the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, personal care, and food and beverage industries.

Founded in 1995, BGG operates 5 production facilities in China according to GMP and HACCP principles. Our specialties include organic fruit extracts, marine botanicals, natural vitamins, herbal extracts, natural sweeteners and flavor enhancers.

BGG selects raw materials, which are primarily from wild-crafted, organic, and from non-GMO sources, whenever possible. From these we produce health products and nutritional solutions that aid and enhance people's well-being and quality of life.

Key products include: (click see resource tab above for more info)
AstaZine™, Himalayan Natural Astaxanthin derived from Haemattococus Pluvialis algae cultured in an enclosed system with pristine water from the Himalayan Mountains. BGG is a proud member of NAXA, the Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association.

ApplePhenon®, Apple Polyphenols, a $15 million, clinically supported ingredient developed from wild apples, and is a powerful OPC, with strong anti-aging potential. Human health claims benefits include the prevention of seasonal allergies and sports endurance while refreshing breath and inhibiting dental plaque. Take ApplePhenon every day, and you very well may keep the doctor away!

MyrtiPRO™, Bilberry Extract derived from Wild Scandinavian bilberry fruit.

ThinOGen™, Fucoxanthin, Thermogenic weight loss ingredient derived from seaweed.

TheraPrimeE™, Complete manufacturer of all forms of Natural Vitamin E to include conventional and IP soy tocopherols, and high potency tocotrienols derived from rice bran, palm, and annatto.

TheraQ7™, Vitamin K2 Menaquinone 7, derived from Natto Subtilus. Strengthens bones and inhibits calcification of the circulatory system.

Other Items: CLA, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Ginkgo Biloba, Cistanche Tubulosa, Mulberry Leaf, and Drynaria Extract.

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