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HYGIA Nutrients, Inc., a division of ANANDA Scientific, was created to supply the surging demand for hemp-derived CBD in the purest, most-bioavailable and rapid-acting oral forms achievable for the nutraceutical, dietary supplements, functional food and beverage markets. The innovative technology developed in partnership with parent company ANANDA Scientific, and its partners in Israel has led to the breakthrough methods for processing hemp-derived CBD that enable HYGIA Nutrients to deliver purity and strength far exceeding that achieved with ordinary CBD. This is important because over 95 percent of ordinary CBD typically never reaches the bloodstream and is instead either destroyed or eliminated from the body. As a result, most CBD products have very limited utility.

To correct this deficiency, the scientists affiliated with HYGIA Nutrients spent considerable efforts on solving the problems associated with CBD use. The solution centers around hemp-derived CBD and associated super nutrients in their most bioavailable states. It combines these super nutrients in a fully water-soluble form. The result is what many in the industry consider a truly groundbreaking achievement in CBD science with far-reaching benefits. This demonstrably true water solubility and bioavailability is a first for the industry.

This breakthrough was achieved through the combined efforts of renowned scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, including Nissim Garti, Ph.D., a world-renowned nanotechnology expert and member of the Search Committee for the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry; Mark Rosenfeld, M.S., Ph.D., Founder and CEO of ANANDA Scientific, Inc.; and Sharon Levi-Garti, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS Technologies) at the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Our research and development has culminated in the scientific and technical foundations that position HYGIA Nutrients as the global leader in setting industry standards for quality, purity, and Total Bioavailability™. HYGIA is set to deliver its nextCBD™ as bulk ingredient, private label, wholesale and retail in liquid, softgel and powdered form and of the highest quality achievable.


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