CPX PERU - Origin Natural Foods

“Bringing wellness from Peru to the world”

We are CPX PERU, a Peruvian agribusiness company of processed Health & Organic Natural Products to the international sustainable markets with over 20 years of experience exporting to a diverse range of markets such as Japan, Korea, USA, UK, Germany and Australia.

We have created strategic alliances with different associations that allow us to have QUALITY INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM accredited by international certifications (Fair Choice and Organic – EU, NOP, JAS) and quality assurance (GMP and HACCP) in our sustainable value chain.

Our mission is to bring health to the world and our customers by developing and exporting Peruvian natural products that allow us to contribute to the country´s growth, supporting our farmers, conservation of our biodiversity in order to improve the quality of life of our partners network in our sustainable value chain.

Our product portfolio:

  • Superfoods: maca, cacao, golden berry, sacha inchi, purple corn, camu camu, lucuma and yacon.
  • Medicinal Herbs & Plants such as: cat’s claw, stonebreaker, dragon’s blood, huanarpo macho.
  • Grains & Seeds: quinoa, amaranth, cañihua and chia.
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables: avocado and mandarina.
  • Raw products
  • Natural powders extracts.

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