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EVEAR EXTRACTION: at the core of vegetable production

Specialized for three generations in the extraction of medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables for the use of the agri-food, pharmaceutical and food supplements industries, Evear-Extraction secures its place in the 21st century by favouring the integration of cultures that allow for perfect traceability.

As the extraction unit is located at the heart of a region specialized in artichoke production, traceability is guaranteed from the seed stage to the final dry, titrated or standardized extract. For Guillaume Rousselot, head of Evear Extraction, it is culture integration and traceability that secure the future of the entity.

Located on the left bank of the Loire river, between Saumur and Angers, Evear-Extraction relies on nearly 180 hectares of agricultural land, where artichoke is cultivated, namely three annual harvests that yield 3,000 tonnes of fresh leaves. Artichoke is the flagship product of the company. Or rather, its standardized dry extract.

Other plant’s integration

We have reproduced this complete integration plan for other plants, such as California poppy and black radish.” Besides artichoke, Evear proposes several extracts which have become some of its best-selling products: black radish and California poppy, but also lemon balm, acerola, cranberry, guarana, passion flower and maca. Certain grades are also available in organic version – black radish, acerola, maca.

This year, other plants will be cultivated by Evear, some of them with organic certifications (oats, mayweed, lemon balm), but also conventional ones (Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea angustifolia, arugula, peppermint, passion flower)

Please note that for certain plants, whose extracts are integrated into the catalogue as subject to a strong market demand Evear purchases its plants – always from their country of origin (this represents nearly 1,000 tonnes extracted per year)

Besides its own ranges, Evear is also able to develop, for the benefit of its clients, specific extracts: “if the raw materials allow it, we can envisage their cultivation,” says Guillaume Rousselot.

Future projects

Besides the future spray-drying tower, Evear has several investments underway this year. First of all, 1,400 sqm storage premises, which will provide an additional storage capacity of 170 tonnes of dry extracts and 120 tonnes of concentrated extracts packed in IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) containers. A temperature-controlled storage area (0-4°C) is also being set up; it will offer a further potential of 45 tonnes of concentrated extracts.

To launch its new productions of organic and conventional plants, Evear will proceed to the purchase of additional agricultural lands. Before proceeding to the cultivation of new plant varieties, the germination trials will be conducted in a new greenhouse of 500 sqm. A necessary investment in as much as, for Guillaume Rousselot, “the quality of the extracts claimed by our clients starts from the quality of our cultures.”

Finally, the latest investment is a control laboratory which will be equipped with a new NMR system (400 mHz) and GC MS technology.


Evear Extraction was awarded the first ECO prize awarded within the RNP (Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park) Trophies for the total management of its waste. The company has set up a lagoon consisting of five basins to collect its discharges and plan for the application of vegetable waste on its own agricultural land.

Breakdown of sales:

By geographic aerea:

France: 30%

Export: 70%

By markets:

Food supplements : 70%

Pharmaceutical API / DMF : 20%

Contract manufacturing : 10%


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