About ANANDA Scientific

New Hope for Better Health with Innovative Cannabinoid Science

ANANDA Scientific, Inc., was founded in 2012 with the vision and strategy of making CBD, a non-psychoactive molecule abundant in agricultural hemp, a meaningful human therapeutic. The company has thus focused on the science and technology needed to facilitate and maximize CBD’s tentative benefits. Our research and development has yielded the actionable processes needed to bring meaningful hemp-derived CBD-containing pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional food products to market, and with the sincere aim of taking the lead in setting industry standards that otherwise remain lacking. Some of the most prominent researchers in their relevant disciplines have conducted and are working in concert with ANANDA Scientific.

CBD has an alluring potential for enhancing human health and a growing body of research also points to CBD’s potential as a pharmaceutical capable of treating serious diseases affecting millions -- including diabetes and other inflammatory disorders like arthritis, atherosclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease. Wide-ranging acceptance of CBD by healthcare professionals can only be achieved through bona fide scientific research, (systematic observation, measurement and experimentation), that includes pre-clinical studies and human clinical trials.

When taken by mouth, CBD is difficult to get into the bloodstream. This is the major obstacle to its effective and economic use. Our patent-protected nanotechnology (ANANDA Particulate Technology™) enables CBD to efficiently reach the bloodstream, which sets the stage for consistent dosing and reliable therapeutic results.

ANANDA has developed the essential but missing technologies needed to maximize the health-giving potential of CBD, and has made cutting-edge advances in CBD extraction and purification as well as the transformation of CBD-containing plant material into truly worthwhile products.

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