Heliae is a life science and technology company focused on unlocking the potential of microalgae.  Our mission? To turn a decade of microalgae research and development experience into useful products that improve people’s lives.  Started as a spin out of Arizona State University, Heliae operates on a 20 acre campus outside of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Here, over 100 multi-disciplined Associates work daily to produce high quality algal products including our vegetarian and vegan certified TruAzta™ astaxanthin-rich algae oil.  Our campus houses a full research and development facility, a dedicated Biological Sciences strain screening and development program, and a multi-million dollar quality laboratory.

We believe that HOW IT’S MADE MATTERS™.  TruAzta™ natural astaxanthin is a product of Heliae’s expertise in balancing technology and nature to produce high-value products at affordable pricing.  TruAzta™ production utilizes an upstream seed development system, a recyclable and therefore sustainable technology, which yields rich, dense, axenic, Haematococcus pluvialis cultures.  This proprietary system is used to seed our unique outdoor, yet fully contained, astaxanthin expression systems.  Utilization of raceway ponds allows us to mimic as closely as possible the way astaxanthin is produced in nature, but enclosing them maintains high standards of quality and purity.  These enclosed systems reduce biological and environmental contamination, increase astaxanthin production, and as a result allow us to bring high quality, USA-made astaxanthin to the marketplace at remarkable pricing.

Because How it’s Made Matters™, product integrity is at the forefront of TruAzta™.  We utilize only purified water, extract using supercritical CO2 extraction, and our 10% astaxanthin oleoresin utilizes no additional blending oils, yielding an ingredient that contains only the natural, astaxanthin-rich algae oil as nature intended.  With a lower ash content and an excellent stability profile, TruAzta™ provides you with the best of nature at a price which may finally unleash the market potential of natural astaxanthin.

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