Bioenergy Life Science Inc. (BLS)



Minneapolis-based Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. is the only provider of the pure and patented form of D-Ribose, Bioenergy Ribose®.  D-Ribose is a 5-carbon sugar and is the building block of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the source of all cellular energy.  The company has a family of patents and a large body of scientific literature & data on the uses of D-Ribose for people across all age and health categories.  Bioenergy Ribose is widely popular in functional beverages, foods, confectionaries, supplement and sports nutrition products.

Energize your product innovations

Bioenergy Ribose is making an impact on food and beverage development as new products go to market designed to meet consumer demands. They want natural, beneficial and sustained energy sources rather than energy stimulants and sugars.  The functional benefits of Bioenergy Ribose complement what consumers are searching for and it’s slightly sweet taste allows for easy incorporation into the formulations of a variety of products.

Everyday Energy

Everyone can benefit from the use of supplemental Bioenergy Ribose.  Because anytime you stress your muscles beyond their normal limits—whether running a marathon, training for a big competition, working out at the gym or just trying to make it through your busy week—your body needs more ribose than it can naturally supply.  It is also a safe way to help your sore, stiff muscles recover faster from physical exertion so you can keep moving.

Product Development Support

The Ribose Formulation Center works with you to confidentially help identify opportunities to use Bioenergy Ribose in new product formulations.  The Center also helps with product development, R&D, scientific claims and technical support.

Bioenergy Ribose Ingredient Attributes

  • Only Ribose to receive a GRAS (generally regarded as safe) affirmation, no questions letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal and has a Natural Certification.
  • Extensive patent portfolio covering broad applications & various uses.
  • Backed by a wide-range of clinical studies & data.
  • Mildly sweet in flavor and highly soluble in hot and cold liquids.

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