Applied Food Sciences Inc.


“Solutions for creating the healthiest organic beverages imaginable.”

About AFS

Austin Texas-based, Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) is an international ingredient supplier that provides solutions to the industry for creating the healthiest organic products imaginable in beverage, food and nutritional supplements. With their newly opened innovation center at the University of Iowa’s? Bio-Ventures Center, AFS develops ?novel ?natural and organic ingredients that are highly ?scientifically qualified, ?water soluble, sustainably and ethically sourced, Non-GMO and GRAS.

AFS’ Portfolio:

“Healthy energy”  — Organic caffeine and other novel extracts standardized for caffeine + antioxidants.

“Flavors without limitation” — Organic extracts that are highly water soluble and clear in solution.

“Relaxation you can feel” — Extracts from only noble kava cultivars are used to support healthy sleep and stress relief.

“Cellular Detoxification” — Help remove harmful pollutants from the body with a complete liver health ingredient that also enhances the functional benefits of other ingredients.

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