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Athletic performance can be positively affected by the use of safe, scientifically substantiated nutraceutical ingredients such as ribose, amino acids, conjugated linoleic acid, protein (whey and soy) and much more. Dietary supplements for performance enhancement are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and must not contain any type of anabolic steroid or adulterant.

Cepham Inc.

Cepham Inc., based in New Jersey, is a leading manufacturer of quality botanical extracts & specialty ingredients. We have three factories located in India that are NSF-GMP Certified. Core products include Alfabin, GCB70, Furosap, Fenudioscin, Prosprune, Tri-Rosen, Oleano35, Coleus, Senna, Turmeric and Yohimbe ...

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142 Belmont Drive, Unit 14

Somerset, NJ 08873
United States

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