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Welcome to SupplySide & Vitafoods Global Storefronts, a new online environment where ingredient buyers and product developers can find and connect with the suppliers and solutions they need, all year long.

SupplySide & Vitafoods Global Storefronts enables a year-long business connection during the days the industry events SupplySide West, Ingredient Marketplace and Vitafoods aren't taking place. It allows for the tens of thousands of buyers who are looking for ingredients, suppliers and solutions to find and connect with suppliers by requesting quotes, visiting their websites, downloading whitepapers, and viewing ingredients and solutions. Think of each suppliers Global Storefront as you would think of their booth at SupplySide West. The place where you can explore, discover, innovate and market. The place where you can find the ingredients and solutions to bring your next great product to life.

When you peruse SupplySide & Vitafoods Global Storefronts, take note of the first featured companies who have already invested in this at this early stage. These companies have not only made a strategic investment to ensure the tens of thousands of buyers who are looking for ingredients, suppliers and solutions can find and connect with them all year long, but they're also showing their commitment to helping ingredient buyers with their sourcing needs.

Please make sure to check back often, as we will be adding new features and functionality as well as many more company Global Storefronts to this online environment.

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